One of my early childhood memories in the early 70’s, was coming across the new superbikes of that era, Honda CB750 and Kawasaki ́s Z900 ́s!

I made my decision right back then that this was exactly what I wanted to do later in my life. Riding motorbikes and seeing places near and far!
Once I turned 18, the dream was put into reality. The first longer international journeys took me around Europe, Turkey and Cyprus several times before setting off to see the USA, Canada and Mexico in debt and travelling more than 53,000 km around there.

At that time my second passion of aviation also earned me my private and commercial helicopter license in during the U.S.A.
Extensive trips during this time took me to the Northern Canada and Central Mexico, Venezuela, Australia, New Zealand.
In the mid 90 ́s I decided to live in Turkey for some time and teach English while improving my Turkish language skills. For about twp_ee years I used every chance and see different parts of the country.  In 2001, after getting married in Turkey we accepted an offer of my wife ́s company to relocate to Australia for four years. Soon after we arrived, I bought a motorcycle and we made some trips around the countryside.
In 2005, it was time to say goodbye to Down Under and return to Europe. In 2008 we went to Madrid, Spain and started a new life there and after some years working there in different sectors we decided to show the diversity and the beauty of Iberian Peninsula to the rest of the world and started motorcycle tours company Horizon Riders Spain S.L.,


Widen your horizon…



I did a 340 km trip today, it was amazing!! The curves and landscapes were literally breathtaking! I’m so thankful to Horizon Riders for the experience today. Ken (the big boss) is extremely experienced rider with really nice personality. He even invited us home!  He is full of life stories as well! I highly recommend you to take a ride with him and listen his stories all around the world! I’m looking forward for the next ride with Horizon Riders!


We were riding in Sierrra de Gredos, placed at west of Madrid and south of Ávila. Our first stop was in “Cruz verde”, mandatory for all motorbike fans in Madrid. Following the road to Robledo, Cebreros and El Tiemblo, we arrived to the amazing road that rounds Burgullo’s dam. Continuing to Burgohondo we got  the mountain pass of Mijares in which you lose your perception of time loking the nature arround you. We crossed the village of Mijares and Casa blanca twp_ougth its bocolic road. Finally we returned crossing Piedralave and San Martin de Valdeiglesias to Madrid. If you did this route I would invite you to stop in anyone of the village that I mentioned before to test the food, Will not disappoint you!!

Jose Antonio Florez Montero

Yaptığımen iyi motor turuydu. Teşekkürler Horizon Riders Spain. Navacerrada’ya bayıldım.

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