"There are two kind of people in this world my friend, those with spades and those with loaded pistols, you dig "! These are some of the most memorable lines from this Sergio Leones masterpiece. The epic final shoot out at Sad Hill cemetery involving Blondie, Tuco and Angel eyes, is a larger than life, cinematographic experience. Most of the movies opening scenes were filmed around Tabernas, located near Almeria, the gateway to Europe's only desert, in Southern Spain. Geology students soon realized that the limestone cliffs featuring in [...]

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Kız Başıma…

Kendimi bulmak için yalnız çıktığım bu yolda… Hayır! Öyle olmadı. Çağırdım ama kimse gelmedi. Atım BMW F700 Gs ve ben.. O zaman yol başlasın. Tabii ki önce uzun bir ön hazırlık safhası var. Edindiğim nasihatler ve gözlemlerim sonrasında her şeyim artık hazır. Planıma göre ortalama bir 10000 km beni bekliyor. Buna göre 25000 km yi aşmayacak lastikler, zincir yağı, H7 yedek lamba, 1.5 lt pet şişeye doldurulmuş yedek benzin, tüm param ve yedek anahtarları içeren sürekli üzerimde taşıyacağım minicik bir kese, 1.5 lt su (yolda şişeyi atmıyoruz), zincir-kilit, power [...]

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The Sierra de Gredos is a mountain range in central Spain that spans the provinces of Ávila, Salamanca, Cáceres, Madrid, and Toledo. It is part of the much larger Sistema Central of mountain ranges. Its highest point is Pico Almanzor, at 2,592 metres and it has been declared a natural park by the Autonomous Community of Castile and León. The Sierra de Gredos is one of the most extensive mountain ranges of the Central System; it comprises five river valleys: the Alto Tormes, the Alto Alberche, the Tiétar Oriental, [...]

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Cuenca’s unique location, high up on a steep cliff edge, bordered by two rivers is probably a once in a lifetime sight. The vertigo defying houses seem to be glued to their base on top of mighty rocks it will test yours of gravity senses! Conveniently located, to make it a day trip from Madrid, but even better if you have two days or more to stay. You will be rewarded in many ways, be sure of that, stunning scenery, lush forest endless history and of course diverse [...]

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Back in my childhood, I remember the story of Don Quijote and Sancho Panza his sidekick and their adventures in a region called La Mancha. Since then if I have always wondered if I’m ever going to visit this place one day! Years passed, and I found myself living in Madrid/Spain. Castilla La Mancha is just South of Madrid province, so no extra effort required to get there. 120 or so km and you are in its heartland. To get there we leave Madrid in a southerly direction [...]

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