Cuenca’s unique location, high up on a steep cliff edge, bordered by two rivers is probably a once in a lifetime sight. The vertigo defying houses seem to be glued to their base on top of mighty rocks it will test yours of gravity senses!

Conveniently located, to make it a day trip from Madrid, but even better if you have two days or more to stay.

You will be rewarded in many ways, be sure of that, stunning scenery, lush forest endless history and of course diverse gastronomy to be sampled by you. The Serrania, the area surrounding Cuenca offers incredible roads leading us to a number of places taking you back in time to a different millennium, for example Ciudad Encantada, a huge park full of strangely shaped rock formation which even Hollywood couldn`t pass by th 80´s movie “Conan, the Barbarian” was partly filmed here on location.Another impressive sight are Los Torcas de los Palancares and the Lagunas del Hoyo nearby.

Los Torcas are group of ancient sinkholes filled with water or just fallen trees.

Los Callejones de las Majades are one more highlight of our tour around Cuenca. They are a bizarre collection of rocks in all shapes and sizes divided by some incredibly narrow passage ways.

Our next stops Uña and Huelamo, small towns with a mirador/viewpoint high above the river Jucar. Huelamo for its painting like beauty and pine forest surroundings.

Last point of interest along our way is the source of the river Jucar located in a spectacular spot with waterfalls and pristine forest.